05 March 2012

Hello my sweethearts! I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did. :)

First things first, the shoot I was so excited for fell through. Oh well. Hopefully we get a chance to reschedule for an upcoming date. I was pretty bummed at first, but then my weekend turned out to be fab anyway. :)

I met up with my "Juicy Crew" girls on Saturday. Kim and I started the day at a charity fundraiser for animals. As you can see from the pics above, she bonded with a baby pig that she nick named Mouse. We had a lot of fun and hopefully raised a lot of money for the charity. After the event, we met up with our friends at an italian restaurant for a late lunch. While eating, we decided we wanted to star in our own novella (spanish soap opera.) More on that later. LOL

We finished off the day shopping at the Galleria. O M G I got the best deals EVER! I walked out of Torrid with two cute outfits for under $35.00! I will definitely be posting pics on the goodies I got later.  

I rounded out the weekend with some much needed alone time with the bf. I dont want to jinx anything, but I am so happy. I've dated a few guys in my life, all different from the last, and although there are days when I want to kill him, I don't ever remember feeling this complete. I hope it lasts. :)


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