20 April 2012

I originally didn't want to share this story. Then, the more I thought about it the funnier it became and now I just can't resist.

Side Note: Its kinda disgusting. If you're squeamish or deathly afraid that one day roaches will take over the world then please by all means skip this entry :)

So the other day my bf asked me to wash his clothes. Because after 3 years I still think he's kinda cute, I went ahead and agreed. As I'm taking the clothes out of the washer I'm carrying on a conversation with my mom who in turn is carrying on a conversation with my sister on her cell phone. We're multi-taskers. LOL Anyway, as I'm digging through the washer I feel a sharp pain on the palm of my left hand. I didn't think much of it until I felt it again. So, thinking I must have somehow gotten a splinter, I looked down at my hand. Why was there a roach there?! My first reaction was to jerk back, scream and run. In the process I scared my mom to the point of her throwing the phone and screaming back at me. So yea. Note to self: in a crisis my mom will potentially throw her cell phone instead of calling for help. LMAO

I don't really know if the roach was already dead or if I killed it in my hand, but when it was all said and done it was dead. Whenever my mom retells the story (because she has at least 4 times) she always says that I gave the roach a heart attack with my scream. LOL

Have you experienced anything like this? What's something that has made you scream like someone was trying to murder you?

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