27 June 2012

It's been two days in a row now that I've had these incredibly AWKWARD moments with a guy I work with. What makes the matters worse is that I don't work directly with him, so it's not like he gets to see the "real" me on a day to day basis. Basically, he's this really hot guy that I find uber sexy and if I had the chance I would have his baby. There, I said it. It's all laid out on the table.

Just kidding... sort of.

He is sexy and I am highly attracted to him which makes me act like an idiot in his presence. Take yesterday for example. Where I work we deal with a lot of public interaction. Sometimes lawyers or agents will come in on behalf on businesses or individuals and when that happens its usually the same agent over and over again. Well, I hadn't seen this one particular agent in a while and I thought he was coming over to say hi. Turns out it was my crush. I didn't realize it until after I really ethusiastically yelled out to him, "Heyyyyyy!!!" The look on his face was a mixture of confusion and being completely taken aback. Oh, but wait. There's more.

So as if yesterday weren't awkward enough, I thought today would be a golden opportunity to display that I'm not a complete weirdo. Only in my quest to prove that I'm normal, I probably made him think I'm a complete dumb ass. You see, I know very well that he does some kind of inspection work outside. I also know that its been in the triple digits for the past couple of days. So why on earth I decided to tell him as I see him entering the building to "stop coming in and out because he was letting the cold air out" is beyond me. Oh, and his expression for that was one that would have made Jim Halbert from The Office proud. Why do I feel compelled to still say anything to this man?! WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?! It's like the worst kind of word vomit ever. Ugh. Today is Wednesday. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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