01 July 2012

Do you remember those clicks in high school where it seemed like they only talked to each other and had no interest in hanging out with any "outsiders"? Ever wonder what happened to them? Nothing happened to them. They are still the same group of people; just older.

Yesterday I accompanied my friend to a birthday party of someone we went to high school with. Granted my friend and her had known each other since preschool, apparently they are also a part of another super awesome/super exclusive click that just can't be infiltrated.

I spent much of the afternoon getting treated as if I was in the way of their "bonding" time. They kept hugging each other and asking "do you still love me?" as if in the five minutes that had passed since they saw each other someone's opinion might change. I kept getting introduced and reintroduced to people that I had already met. Which was funny since their respective husbands/boyfriends knew and greeted me as an old friend. "I remember you!" one said before giving me a great big bear hug. Ha, apparently your wife doesn't. Which is strange since we all worked together at one point.

The thing that kills me is at the end of the evening I get my balls busted for being "anti-social." What the fuck?! I admit, I do get a little shy around people, but once I'm actually treated like I'm wanted, I tend to warm up. Yesterday was an eye opener, if nothing else. I never want to treat someone like that. I mean, one chick actually acted like she needed to grab something from where I was standing just to take my place. Then they huddled around each other like they were some elite cult or something. Bullshit. I'm so over high school clicks and all they entail. What ever happened to wanting to get to know someone? Small talk?... something.... anything.

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