13 August 2012

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to another concert. This one was over at the House of Blues. I realize now that I took no pictures on my cell phone (where these are being uploaded from) so I'm sorry for not having any cool venue shots. I did take video, and although the audio is bad, I can at least post the venue shots when I upload everything from my camera.

Anyway, as far as concerts go this one was pretty bad ass. There was two warm up performances aside from the main act. First up was "The Last Place You Look" who also happened to be Houston natives. Let me tell you, they ROCKED!! The band was extremely cool and shared that they are gonna be touring soon with 10 Years. Pretty awesome and I wish them all the best. Next up, "State Your Cause" performed. Gotta admit, wasn't really diggin the older songs too much, but their newer material kicked ass. They definitely putted on a good show and were so eager and happy to meet everyone. I love that. Finally it was Evans Blue's time to take the stage. When I tell you that they slayed every single song. They fucking nailed it. I wish the audio of the songs I recorded came out alot better. I guess it had something to do with the acoustics of the venue. Anyhoo, incase that type of music isn't your thing at least the bands provide some eye candy. Aren't they dreamy? So inlove with Dan Chandler- the frontman for Evans Blue. Swoon. :)


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