21 September 2012

I realized - 2 weeks later - that I never showed you guys the pictures from the speaking engagement I went to of  Dr. Kathy Reichs.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself. She talked about everything from her experiences as a forensic anthropologist, to her writing process (she is also a best seller!), to her experiences behind the hit show Bones. She couldn't have been more down to earth or humorous. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to attend. If you guys notice in the last picture that lovely woman she is posing with is not me. LOL. That, infact, is her daughter who is also a writer and who spoke at the engagement as well.  :)

After everything ended, we were given a pass to walk around the museum. That, too, was so much fun! I had forgotten how awesome our natural science museum is. I wish I had more time to spend looking around, but I parked at a meter, so I only had about a good 30 minutes. Still, I made the best of it and took as many pictures of the things I did get to see. :)


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