24 May 2013

There's something really beautiful about looking outside of an airplane window and seeing this. I can't tell you how at peace I felt. It was as though God was smiling and only my heart could feel it.

But... let's fast forward a bit, shall we? 

My first impression of New York. I was inlove and we hadn't even touched down yet! 

Let me start by saying these pictures do NO JUSTICE to New York City. With that being said, these are not all the pictures. These are cell phone pictures that my shaky and excited hands captured in between taking pictures with my actual camera. 

This trip was such a blur. I would love to brag about all the fun and exciting places that we got to see, but I honestly can't. For the time frame that I was actually there, I doubt it would have been possible to fully take in the city. Aside from New York, we took a road trip to Philly and Washington D.C. Those pics I will share another time.

What I can say about New York is that it truly never sleeps. People aren't as rude or scary as everyone will lead you to believe. The hot dogs and pizza aren't any better there than here in Houston and they truly have a love affair with Dunken Donuts. LOL

I think I saw just enough of the city to leave me craving for more. New York has always been one of those cities that I've wanted to visit and I feel so fortunate to have been able to do so. I can't wait to go back and really explore! The next time I'm able, I promise to do things differently and that includes bringing a more comfortable pair of walking shoes! Lol.

Like I said, I know these pictures aren't much, but I hope you enjoy!


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