22 December 2010


I am so tired. Work has really been busy lately. I suppose thats a good thing, especially when so many people are out of work. I am so very grateful that, at this point, I have a place to go to every day. Not saying that I'm not looking forward to some holiday time off though. I can't wait!! I hate to admit this, but I'm secretly waiting for the holidays to be over with too. As much as I love to shop, I dare say that I'm almost getting tired of the hustle and bustle. Well, not so much being in the stores shopping, but standing in those lines!  It really is ridiculous sometimes. =)

At this point I am envious of what my dear friend (sister in my heart) is doing in this pic. Ugh, how I long to lay down and rest. Alas, got another evening of shopping planned. Yay me. LoL

Happy Holidays Loves.


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