15 December 2010

I hate my cell phone! I hate my cell phone! I HATE MY CELL PHONE!!

Ugh... For the past 4 HOURS I've been trying to send a text message. It keeps coming back as message unable to send, even though I have 4 full bars. I'm unable to receive phone calls and I periodically get kicked off the internet. I know nothing is perfect, but I feel like I pay TOO MUCH money for my phone to be acting like that. I called customer service and the most enjoyable part of that was the tech guy's sense of humor behind my local professional football team.

Perhaps the problem is we're too consumed with technology. I never had a problem with my phone when it was just a phone. With all these options to watch videos, send video, conference chat, manage emails, shop and goodness knows what else.. maybe we're becoming our own worst enemy. Like all the network traffic is caused because we're trying to do things other than what the device was originally designed for. I know there's no way to stop progress and I consider these innovations just that, but sometimes I really do miss the simplicity of it all.

Oh well. To the store I go to pick up a new sim card.

Smooches <3's

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