10 December 2010


Here are 50 completely random little facts you never wanted to know about me in no particular order. :)

1) I can eat enchiladas 3 times a day 7 days a week. They are my fav!
2) I believe in a previous life I was European. LOL .. Probably someone who got beheaded.
3) One of my fav movies is Tombstone.
4)  I would love to learn how to belly dance.
5)  I've mastered the art of wiggling my ears without touching them.
6)  I'm not a natural blonde.
7)  Tear jerker movies suck. Period.
8)  Black is my absolute favorite color.
9)  I try not to talk about politics, especially with my guy bff Mark. He's always wrong. ;)
10) I know how to play the violin.
11) I <3 Harry Potter.
12) New Kids on the Block was my very first concert.
13) I can't swim.
14) I've been in 3 fashion shows so far.
15) I have a tattoo and although it's small, it makes me an automatic bad ass. :)
16) I absolutely love classical music.
17) My favorite opera is Arabella.
18) Whiskey is my poison of choice.
19) I don't take myself too seriously.
20) I can be quite indecisive sometimes so I ask EVERYONE'S opinion before I make major decisions.
21) Sometimes I feel cursed in love.
22) I believe laughter really is the best medicine.
23) I've never been a girly girl.
24) I'm obssessed with taking pictures.
25) I can't picture myself married or with children.
26) I prefer bars over clubs.
27) Karaoke! I love to watch. Lol
28) I love Hot Topic.
29) I'm a goth girl at heart.
30) I love my hair big & wild.
31) Football season is my favorite season.
32) I would drive to another city to watch a UFC fight live.
33) I sing loudly, even if I'm off key. :)
34) When I get really angry I develop a slight New York accent.
35) West coast rap annoys me.
36) I love victorian/antique style jewelry.
37) I own a "strip dance" workout dvd ... that my mom gave me. Just sayin'. Lol
38) I have the worse sweet tooth ever.
39) I don't believe being "thin" automatically makes you beautiful.
40) Chuck Norris jokes are the best.
41) I'm a sucker for a guy with colored eyes.
42) Most of my friends are guys.
43) My fav holiday is Halloween.
44) I'm not squeamish.
45) The idea of childbirth makes me really uncomfortable.
46) Liquor is always a great gift for me. :)
47) I'm a nerd and I'm not afraid to admit it.
48) I've always had a passion for reading.
49) Family/ friends mean the world to me.
50) No matter what, this picture always makes me laugh. Heart you V!! :)

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