23 December 2010

Ghosts of Years Past

I'm more than sure it's because we're around the holidays, but I can't help but to think of my past. Not so much a specific event or memory, but more like how I changed throughout the years. I know we all have our trials and tribulations that shape how we become and sometimes, like now, I think about mine. Everything from high school events, to college choices, career moves, to past relationships. Alot has happened in my life and although I try not to have regrets, I have to admit I have a few. All I can do is hope to have learned lessons.

As 2010 winds down I feel compelled to make the decision to make better choices in my life from this point forward. I want to live my life with no restrictions. I want to have fun, I want to love, I want to LIVE.

Merry Christmas Loves.


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