22 April 2011

My unibrow is sexy, no? 

Today has been a pretty productive day. I paid my cell phone bill, paid off my lab work bill and even paid a creditor off. Ugh, I hated to do that one. Especially because it really wasn't my fault. Companies now an days just want to rip people off whenever they can. At least thats one thing I don't have to worry about anymore. So now I'm broke again. Dammit. I really wanted to try and get some contacts. I hate how my glasses leave a funky looking mark around my nose. Do you see that? Ewww. It makes me look dirty or something. Lol. And I had never really noticed my unibrow before. LMAO .. Guess I should take care of that too huh? Or not. Whatever. People are gonna love me hairy and all. I'm actually a little scarred from being hairy. My brother and sisters use to make fun of me because I have hairy arms so one day I got it in my mind to shave them. I ended up shaving a chunk of my elbow off so now I have a scar. The lesson there was to love yourself how you are and damn what anyone else thinks. To this day they deny making fun of me, but I distinctly remember being called "wolf baby."

Any hoo .. it's Friday!!!! Hopefully I can take some good pics to share after this wonderful Easter weekend. Have a great one loves!!!


Me =)

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