22 April 2011

These heels were made for walkin' ... just not behind me.

I don't care if you think I'm a total weirdo or not, but I really hate when people walk behind me wearing high heels. I guess its the paranoia in me, but its always a little unsettling to hear the clack clack clack right behind me. I get to the point where I panic and surrender to let whomever pass. I know its always better to hear someone walking behind you, but I suppose what bothers me most is hearing them get closer and closer. Why not walk faster you ask? Maybe I can't! Gosh.

I didn't think it was that much of a problem until I was walking by myself in the tunnel. I was almost back to my building when I heard the clacking of heels drawing close. I didn't want to turn around, but then again I felt my anxiety building up.  In my mind she was breathing down my neck. I turned slightly and she smiled and walked past me. Thats when I realized how pitiful I am. I have a high heel fear. LMAO ... Ugh, I embarrass myself.

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