25 April 2011

This weekend was such an amazing weekend! It started off kinda sucky because my bf came into town in a bad mood. Luckily, it didn't last long and I had him laughing and smiling in no time. I got a chance to catch up on alot of things while he spent some time playing video games with his brother. His family celebrated Easter on Saturday because he had to leave back to school on Sunday, so while they ate bar-b-que I ate a tuna sandwich. Lol. At midnight, my bf warmed up some fajitas and chicken for me and we pigged out while we watched tv. The picture of us up top has to be one of my favorites. =)

Anyway, Sunday was pretty busy. I would of liked to have had the whole day to spend with him, but he had to get ready to leave. Our intention was to go to the park for a while before I had to drop him back off, but my family is late for everything!! So instead, he helped me make some banana pudding so my family could take to the park while I dropped him off. By the time I made it to the park the banana pudding was gone! I should have taken a picture. Lol. Oh well. I pretty much missed all the cool activities of the day, but I made it in time for some dinner entertainment. While I chowed down on a plate of food (with the help of my sister Cindy) I was pleasantly surprised to see that this year we were doing Easter karaoke. It was sooooooo fun and ridiculously hilarious to see! I didn't have the balls to sing, but everyone from family, friends, to strangers joined in on the fun.

Since there was so much food and desserts there we decided to wait until we got home to sing Happy Birthday to my brother in law Lee. His pictures make me laugh because I got a picture while we were singing with the candles lit, then just after he blew them out which made the house almost completely dark and then one with the flash on before they turned on the lights. He turned the big 4-0 so we all had a good time with the over the hill jokes. He was completely sensitive about it. LMAO

So that was my weekend in a nut shell. I wish I had documented more because I feel like my weekend was so much more than that, but I guess its always a good thing to keep some things private. I hope everyone had as much fun and if not more than I did. =)

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