14 March 2013

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for the leap of absence, but life sort of took over for a minute. It was my every intention to show you guys these awesome pictures from a photoshoot that my friend Kim and I did at the very end of February, but as my luck would have it the photographer lost the SD card that our pictures and another one of her clients photos were on. Womp womp.

My luck has been pretty awful this year. Lol. But- lets not dwell on what we can not control.

Fortunately, the photographer has decided to do another shoot at a later date to make up for the original. I'm kinda bummed, but at least this way I can work more on what I felt I was lacking the first time. Above are a few of the behind the scenes shots I was able to take.

Overall the whole experience was amazing! I had a great time. Kiah, the makeup artist, was brilliant! I felt so beautiful and alive. I would definitely love to work with Angela (the photographer) again, so in a way it all worked out.

Plus, my sister Monica was awesome enough to present me with my first official "Model Bag." It's perfect!! I absolutely love it! I'm so thankful to have supportive friends and family. At my size, I know it's not likely to become a professional model, but you know what? I'm having a hell of a time trying to get there.


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